The concept of leading behavior

Starsofa is a clear business philosophy of thecompany.
We adhere to the
correct idea, as the corebusiness of the most
universal values, the requirementsof their own with the
standard, for who we are and howwe do things always
a clear attitude. Clear value penetrationin everything we do,
in the course of business no matter howtemptation, the difficulties,
firmly follow, never deceive oneselfand others, thereby ensuring
always follow their own businessphilosophy.

The ideal furniture is very proud of their work is to create the world
of truth, goodness and beauty, career. Therefore, the ideal firmly believe
only the first to become a good designer, to create a good work.
The ideal furniture never care about other companies do, but their own
business philosophy based on actively seeking how to continue to
continuously enterprising.


Design can affect people taste of Shanghai art space, the achievement
of all staff, the promotion of social progress.


Right man, my conscience.

To be honest, honest, trustworthy, responsible ethics the most simple
concept as the basic criterion of our life, the "life, what is right" as a judge
our business behavior whether the correct basis. Honest, open and
carry out the worthy of their own conscience, worthy of anyone
and business activities; and to the continuous improvement, the pursuit of
mentality of doing things.

Business concept

Specialization goodness, thatcher.

Take everything in the work in a serious and responsible, rigorous attitude.
Designed in a row, in the industry, to achieve the ultimate, continuous
which go beyond the ordinary, the pursuit of excellence.

The growth outlook

Responsibility to contribute future

Have a strong sense of responsibility, pay attention to for others, for the
for the community to contribute much value, they decide their
own future

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