Are exported to overseas, good perfection
From thirteenth Century to twentieth Century since,European
style has evolved from Gothic to neo classicalstyle, in addition
to the appearance of fine accident, theutility function is not as
great as it once was, the ideal furniture was born in this period.
In 2000 the ideal founder Rico was established in Shanghai Starsofa Furniture Co.,Ltd.,
in order to make the ideal product to
preserve decorative art form, the company make full use of material
selection advantage, the company geographical advantages and
industry experience advantage, quality first, in the management of
ISO9002 standard, and
continuously strengthening internal management and
customer service mechanism. Close to capture the dynamics
of international furniture industry, actively participate in
international exchanges, according to customer requirements
and market orientation, Chen Tuixin instant stability.
Ideal for the production and sale of leather sofa now sold
overseas, the product marketing in Europe and America,
Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia each big business, and the factory covers
an area of more than 90000 square meters.
企业合作: 镀铜扁钢;镀铜绞线;镀铜接地棒;镀铜圆钢;离子接地极;放热焊接;接地模块;降阻剂;接地引出设备;离子接地棒;铜覆钢圆线;铜覆钢接地棒; Q345e槽钢;工字钢;65Mn冷轧钢板;1Cr5Mo圆钢;F5圆钢;无锡H型钢;Q235dH型钢;工字钢;H型钢;角钢; 45#冷轧钢板;无锡工字钢;冷轧钢板;A335P9合金管;Q345dH字钢;冷轧板;Q345b槽钢;无锡冷轧钢板;F1圆钢;dc06冷轧钢板; Q235d槽钢;A335P11合金管;F2圆钢;工字钢;无锡H型钢;st14冷轧钢板;TP304H不锈钢管;无锡冷轧钢板;Q345d角钢;20Cr冷轧钢板;Q345b槽钢; Cr5Mo圆钢;A333-6无缝钢管;冷轧钢板;无锡角钢;SA210C无缝钢管;槽钢;Q235bH型钢;12Cr2Mo圆钢;A335P12合金管;无锡冷轧钢板;Q345e工字钢; A335P1合金管;无锡槽钢;无锡H型钢;不锈钢管;08AL冷轧钢板;65Mn冷轧钢板;9Cr1Mo合金圆钢;无锡角钢;Q235c工字钢;20Cr冷轧钢板;Q235c角钢; 铜覆钢绞线;石墨接地模块;铜包钢扁钢;铜包钢绞线;镀铜钢绞线;镀铜钢圆线;铜包钢接地线;铜覆钢接地棒;铜包钢接地棒;镀铜棒子;铜包钢接地极;铜覆钢接地极; 20#冷轧钢板;Q235d工字钢;45#冷轧钢板;st15冷轧钢板;65Mn冷轧钢板;无锡冷轧板;9Cr1Mo圆钢;F11圆钢;圆钢厂;F9圆钢;内螺纹管厂; 工字钢;锻打合金圆钢;08F冷轧钢板;dc05冷轧钢板;dc03冷轧钢板;无锡工字钢;冷轧板;HR3C不锈钢管;A335P5合金管;F12圆钢;16MnDG无缝钢管;

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