Customer first, forge ahead

Adhere to the "to provide quality service to customers first" principle to provide our clients. Shanghai Starsofa Furniture Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive set of design, production, sales as one of the enterprises, and has international advanced production and processing technology and strict quality management system. "STARSOFA" and "STARICO" two major brands, the products not only meet the China demand for the domestic market, and exported to Singapore, India, Indonesia, American, Italy, Britain, Australia, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Norway and other countries and regions.

Ideal for art created -- Starico

To understand the definition of sofa life brings to us, not only from the external view, the more to understand the body from the inside, ideal with beautiful appearance, exquisite shape, close she is reluctant to let her go.

Starico executive -- for comfort and made

"Starsofa" power series is the domestic brand sofa that Shanghai Starsofa Furniture Co.,Ltd.introduced , environmental protection design idea to comply with the "made" comfortable, the European and American sofa leisure function and combining the features of domestic consumption, creating a leisure function has the characteristics of sand China, for you to create a comfortable, beautiful and natural home life atmosphere.

企业合作: 镀铜扁钢;镀铜绞线;镀铜接地棒;镀铜圆钢;离子接地极;放热焊接;接地模块;降阻剂;接地引出设备;离子接地棒;铜覆钢圆线;铜覆钢接地棒; Q345e槽钢;工字钢;65Mn冷轧钢板;1Cr5Mo圆钢;F5圆钢;无锡H型钢;Q235dH型钢;工字钢;H型钢;角钢; 45#冷轧钢板;无锡工字钢;冷轧钢板;A335P9合金管;Q345dH字钢;冷轧板;Q345b槽钢;无锡冷轧钢板;F1圆钢;dc06冷轧钢板; Q235d槽钢;A335P11合金管;F2圆钢;工字钢;无锡H型钢;st14冷轧钢板;TP304H不锈钢管;无锡冷轧钢板;Q345d角钢;20Cr冷轧钢板;Q345b槽钢; Cr5Mo圆钢;A333-6无缝钢管;冷轧钢板;无锡角钢;SA210C无缝钢管;槽钢;Q235bH型钢;12Cr2Mo圆钢;A335P12合金管;无锡冷轧钢板;Q345e工字钢; A335P1合金管;无锡槽钢;无锡H型钢;不锈钢管;08AL冷轧钢板;65Mn冷轧钢板;9Cr1Mo合金圆钢;无锡角钢;Q235c工字钢;20Cr冷轧钢板;Q235c角钢; 铜覆钢绞线;石墨接地模块;铜包钢扁钢;铜包钢绞线;镀铜钢绞线;镀铜钢圆线;铜包钢接地线;铜覆钢接地棒;铜包钢接地棒;镀铜棒子;铜包钢接地极;铜覆钢接地极; 20#冷轧钢板;Q235d工字钢;45#冷轧钢板;st15冷轧钢板;65Mn冷轧钢板;无锡冷轧板;9Cr1Mo圆钢;F11圆钢;圆钢厂;F9圆钢;内螺纹管厂; 工字钢;锻打合金圆钢;08F冷轧钢板;dc05冷轧钢板;dc03冷轧钢板;无锡工字钢;冷轧板;HR3C不锈钢管;A335P5合金管;F12圆钢;16MnDG无缝钢管;

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